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Student Societies


Daneshpajoohan Pishro Student Societies

Scholarly societies of Daneshpajoohan Pishro Higher Education Institute commenced their activities soon after the establishment of the institute, as a crucial part in educating students. In the fall of 2013, these scholarly societies began their specialized and scientific activities in different disciplines. Currently, the members and the management councils of each society are chosen through elections who will then start their activities based the executive instructions.

Active students in the scholarly societies will be well-acquainted with real-life ups and downs, and communication with companies, industries, the society and organizations, and will also improve their scientific capabilities, all in order to enter work environments with more experience and skill. There are currently 6 scholarly societies active in Daneshpajoohan Pishro Higher Educations Institute, in different disciplines, supervised and supported by the student affairs office.


Here we mention some of the main activities and achievements of each society:

Architecture and Urban Development Society


      · Conducting the top-works exhibition

      · Holding an art exhibition called Canvas and Fantasy Dolls

      · Holding Nowruz celebrations

      · Unveiling Horno, a magazine about the contemporary architectural events of Iran

      · Conducting a Photoshop teaching class

      · Creating murals

      · Holding Mid-Sha'ban celebrations

      · Conducting a book fair

      · Holding a photography exhibition

      · The second Entrepreneurship Arcade


Industrial Design Society


Conducting the first teaching workshop of jewelry design methods with theoretical and practical means


Mechanical Engineering Society (Robotic Group)


      · Holding the students’ engineering and technical achievements exhibition

      · Participating in the national Fluid Mechanics Competitions and finishing in first place

      · Building a deminer robot and participating in Amirkabir Robotic and Artificial Intelligence competitions (Iran FIRA Open Competition)

      · Designing and building a tension test device

      · Robotic exhibition in the conference of Sustainable Development and Urban Construction


Industrial Engineering Society

Holding the convention of the Path to Success in Business


Civil Engineering Society


      · Participating in Spaghetti Bridge competitions of Ahvaz University and finishing fourth

      · Participating in inter-university Spaghetti Bridge competitions of Safahan Higher Education Institute and finishing first


Humanities Society

      · Movie analysis workshop

      · Cooperation in conducting communication skills workshop

      · Cooperation with the counseling center of the institute in holding the convention of Colors and Afflictions

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