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Research Center


Research Center

The Research and Technology Center holds the responsibility to offer scientific and professional guidance, in order to develop and expand research and technology scopes. Suggesting and providing various research regulations, scientific communication and correspondence with internal and foreign universities, cooperation in providing scientific, cultural and social services to the society through operating practical research projects, conducting scientific seminars and conferences, publishing scientific achievements, and supervising libraries, university databases and all the research issues of the university, consist the Research and Technology Center’s activities.

In addition, the center has concentrated all of its efforts on a comprehensive consideration towards research and making it the basis for every matter, in order to organize scientific and research activities of the faculty members, with the final objective of developing science and scientists. What we mean by making research the basis for every matter is to act and decide based on logic and scientific methods on one hand, and generalizing it to every matter on the other hand; and this means prioritizing research as the foundation in every level of the organization. The Research and Technology Center, according to its role of research policy making, makes its decisions subsequent to having consultations with the councils consisted of faculty members and other centers of the university.

Research and Technology Center Responsibilities

      · Organizing all the research and technological issues of the university

      · Planning research and technology matters, and supervising the university’s database and internet network

      · Conducting the required investigations and then deciding on the research activities

      · Conducting the required studies to evaluate the university’s annual research activities

      · Communicating with internal and foreign in order to establish partnerships in research matters and exchange scientific services

      · Cooperating with the offices of the Chancellor, Public Relations, and International Affairs in order to provide scientific, cultural and social services, hold scientific conferences, and execute all issues related to research and service contracts between the university and other institutions

      · Cooperating in holding short-term research courses for students

      · Supervising libraries, university databases and all the research issues of the university

      · Holding workshops and specialized exhibitions

      · Preparing research plans and presenting research objectives and priorities in the format of short- and long-term plans, to be discussed in the Research Council of the university.


The Research Council is a consultation subset of Research and Technology Center and holds the following set of responsibilities:


      1. Providing the requirements to execute the enactments and decisions of the board of directors, by cooperating with the Research Vice-Chancellor of the institute

      2. Preparing a comprehensive research program

      3. Providing opportunities to develop technology in the institute, especially making the required lab and workshop equipment

      4. Recommending the faculty members on how to apply the research outcomes to raise the education quality

      5. Suggesting various research regulations for the related units

      6. Looking into and reporting about issues that the Research Vice-Chancellor or the Educational Council has referred to the Research Council

      7. Enacting the institute’s research programs while prioritizing the practical ones

      8. Creating financial and moral motivations, as well as the necessary facilities, for the faculty members to write and translate books, and write research papers

      9. Suggesting regulations on how to write scientific and educational books

      10. Planning to equally provide sabbaticals for the qualified faculty members.


The research council composition:

      · The Research and Technology Vice-Chancellor

      · The Chancellor

      · Managers of the Research and Technology Center subset units

      · The Educational Vice-Chancellor or the Graduate Studies Manager

      · Three research and technology elites, chosen by the Research and Technology Center

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