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Secretariat of scientific journals


Secretariat of scientific journals



Urban Sustainable Development is a quarterly published, scientific-research journal aiming to expand and improve the relations between the researchers of the country, and to develop and publish the new findings related to architecture, urban development, civil and construction, IT, and other issues relating to urban development and construction, with the following goals:

      · Achieving domestic theories and institutionalizing research in areas of architecture, urban development, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, management and other issues relating to urban development and construction

      · Offering approaches to realize a sustainable city in every social, economic, cultural and environmental aspect

      · Enhancing the quality of the journal through raising the level of papers and recruiting capable experts for arbitration and editorial committee

      · Joining in international databases

      · Joining in the specialized societies of the country such as the scientific-research journals

      · Joining in international assemblies especially ISI and ISC


Members of the editorial board

 Dr. Farhang Mozafar, former chancellor of Isfahan University of Art

 Dr. Saeed Eslamian, professor at Isfahan University of Technology

 Dr. Jamalinejad, Mayor of Isfahan

 Dr. Nilforoushan, head of New Technology Center of Isfahan Municipality

 Dr. Mahmoud Vafaeian, former professor at Isfahan University of Technology

 Ms. Mahin Nastaran, associate professor at Isfahan University of Art

 Dr. Mahdi Abtahi, Faculty Member of Isfahan University of Technology

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