Monday, June 17, 2024

Architecture Eng


MA. Architecture Engineering

Architecture engineering master’s degree program has been planned as the extender of Architecture Engineering Bachelor’s Degree. The graduates of this program can engage in the following fields:


      · Working as an architectural consulting engineer to design buildings or small living complexes, from the early stages to the operation stages, and designing the constituent components and elements

      · Participating with groups of architectural consulting engineers in order to design and develop projects and to prepare first and second stage architectural plans

      · General and direct supervision on the correctness of constructional operations

      · Managing and organizing large-scale projects within their specialty

      · Cooperating with living complex planning experts

      · Cooperating and coordinating with practitioners in the related fields of organizing living spaces

      · Membership in the technical, managerial and policy making levels of municipalities and related organizations

      · Instructing in the field of architecture engineering bachelor’s degree

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