Monday, June 17, 2024

Casting and Modeling Workshop


Casting and Modeling Workshop

The Casting and Modeling Workshop has been established to provide students with a practical introduction to the principles of metallurgy, metal casting and molding. Through this workshop, and by using its equipment, students will become thoroughly familiar with molding and casting processes. This workshop has the capability to carry out two sets of tests related to molding and metal and composite casting. What we can acquire in the first set is fineness number of sand, moisture, dust percentage, strength, and gas-passing tendency of the sand, all of which are fundamental to providing casting materials. In the second set, Aluminum, Copper, Cast Iron, and Steel are melted using different furnaces; subsequently, simple and complex engineering parts and pieces, weighing less than 25kg are cast.


Casting and Modeling Workshop equipment inventory:


      · Melting furnace with gas torch

      · Required casting tools and instruments

      · Vertical drilling machine

      · Sander

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