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Health & Counselling


Health and Counseling Center

This sector is one of the most important parts of student affairs office, which is currently working with about 9 counselors, providing services in the areas of educational counseling, family counseling, clinical counseling, nutrition consultation, psychiatry, mental health, and general medicine for students and staff of the institute.

The main objectives of the health and counseling center are to prevent psycho-social harms and enhance the mental health status of students. In this regard, our particular goals are:


      · Enhancing the level of psychological knowledge and insight of university officials regarding the problems and needs of student communities

      · Guiding students to know their problems and capabilities properly

      · Guiding students to choose and decide consciously and wisely

      · Guiding students to solve their behavioral, emotional, educational, family, and marriage related issues

      · Increasing the effective adaptability with learning and living environments, developing social interactions, and educational improvement

      · Preventing the emergence and prevalence of emotional-behavioral problems, and developing mental health in the public environments of the university and its community

      · Providing the requirements for a healthy inter-personal relationship in the university, through paying attention to the determining factors of relationships between teachers, students and staff


Health and Counseling Center’s Activities

This center provides counseling services in the form of in-person counseling, internet counseling, and educational workshops. Some of these educational workshops are:


      · Students’ lifestyle

      · Conscious marriage

      · The miracle of planning

      · Effective communication, the path to a successful marriage

      · What should I do with my anxieties?


In addition, this center has recently published the tenth issue of the Counsel of Mirror journal.


There are a variety of counseling types, including:


 Educational counseling and guidance, marriage counseling and guidance, family counseling, psychotherapy and personal counseling, group counseling, wellness counseling, medical services, and psychiatry services

 Almost all these services are available in the institute, from 9 am to 3 pm, in the working days of the institute.

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