Thursday, April 25, 2024

Islamic Architecture


MA. Islamic Architecture Engineering

Throughout the history, religious ideologies have always been ruling over human thoughts, insofar as many civilizations have been recognized with dependence to a religious idea. With the advent of Islam, the firm and strong Islamic thoughts replaced the earlier religious ideas and affected all aspects of human life, even architecture and urbanism. By advancing towards the modern architecture, and with the large gap between architectural techniques and Islamic architectural identity, the need for a return to the deep roots of this architectural style was felt. It is now essential to train experts to pay attention to technical, applied and climatic issues while considering Islamic views and fundamentals.

Islamic architecture master’s degree program consists of four semesters, including three educational semesters and one semester dedicated to writing up the thesis. According to the syllabi of courses approved by the Ministry Of Science, Research and Technology, this program will be instructed to the students in 38 credits. We’ll be concentrating our efforts on making the graduates able to design urban spaces appropriate for Muslims, and at the same time, strengthen the bonds and connections of Muslims and Islamic main roots. The graduates can also engage in teaching fields at educational centers and higher education institutes, and work with private consulting offices and governmental centers (such as municipalities), as designers, supervisors or researchers.

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