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Interior Architecture


MA. Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is a field that optimizes spaces for users by organizing and differentiating interior spaces. What’s necessary to succeed in this field is preserve a close connection between the aesthetic and technical knowledge. The conditions of comfort will be met by technical knowledge, and the conditions of peace and sense of attachment will be met by the knowledge of aesthetics and the science of human behavior. Currently the possibilities for practical interior architecture activities are abundant, but scientific and standard encounters have been rarely seen; therefore, training experts by the scientific centers can provide professional and effective encounters with them. Interior architecture master’s degree program consists of four semesters, including three educational semesters and one semester dedicated to writing up the thesis. According to the syllabi of courses approved by the Ministry Of Science, Research and Technology, this program will be instructed to the students in 32 credits (6 to 10 compensatory credits should be passed too). The program is prepared in a way that graduates can have the required capabilities in the following areas:


      · Knowing the modern materials and technologies related to interior architecture design and performance

      · Analyzing human physical, mental and spiritual features, and also studying the interactive influences of space, the society and individuals on each other

      · Critical, analytical and strategic thinking

      · Knowing the existing trends and styles within the field of interior architecture, and their theoretical foundations

      · Dominance over designing interior spaces and forming the ideas

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