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Office of Industry Relations


Office of Industry Relations

The main responsibilities of this office include internship, field trips, and organizing scientific Olympiads.




- Students with permission, have to take and pass the internship course in organizations, departments, and even private companies approved by their supervisor

- Clarifying the responsibilities and circumstances to interns at the beginning of the course

- Planning and coordinating with industrial units to conduct field trips


Field Trips


Another responsibility of this office is to establish contact with industrial centers and governmental organizations to conduct field trips inside and outside the province for students. The students willing to hold a field trip have to file their request to the office of industry relations, at least 15 days before the trip date, containing the name of the supervisor, the trip date and location, and the number of participants; the office, then, carries out all the arrangements and follow-ups as soon as the visiting site grants its approval.


Scientific Olympiads

This office also conducts the necessary arrangements to send out students to scientific Olympiads.

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