Thursday, April 25, 2024

Electrical Machines Workshop


Electrical Machines Workshop

In this workshop students set up DC machines in generator and motor modes in different connections. Then they will test AC synchronous and asynchronous machines and single-phase motors. Single-phase and three-phase transformers are the other tests which are available to perform. In addition, students will learn how to run and control single-phase and three-phase electro-motors, and they will also become familiar with power circuits and control circuits.


The equipment inventory of this workshop:

      · Different types of switches

      · Fluorescent lamp circuits

      · Door bells and door phones

      · Electricity meters and different types of relays

      · Timers

      · Machine education set including: three-phase motor and generator, three-phase synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, synchronous generator

      · Three-phase transformer

      · Oscilloscope

      · Digital multimeter

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