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Information Technology


Information Technology

Introduction to the Information Technology Unit


With the fast and unstoppable growth of Information and Communication Technology and its significant influence on scientific advances, Daneshpajoohan Pishro Higher Education Institute created the Information Technology Unit in 2006. The main objective of this unit is to develop the usage of modern technologies in education and to promote its applications for the instructors, students and researchers of the university. This unit, and its professional staff, has had a crucial role in the development of this technology in educational purposes with its ten year experience.




      · Preserving the network platform of the institute

      · Maintaining the internal server and servers of accounting, antivirus, digital library and

      · Hardware support for systems and accessories hardware support

      · Software support for systems

      · Providing service for the staff’s computer needs

      · Providing possible services for students’ computer requirements

      · Having software and hardware equipment purchases under supervision

      · Managing users of internet systems (providing free internet for graduate students)

      · Having supervision over purchasing software packages

      · Supervising computer scraps and replacing them with new pieces

      · Consulting with computer companies and investigating computer needs according to modern technologies

      · Managing and organizing the computer room to hold educational courses

      · Cooperating with the Audio-Visual Unit

      · Holding educational courses in order to widen the faculty members knowledge

      · Organizing the automation system

      · Sending mass text messages

      · Providing management and maintenance for the institute’s websites

      · Conducting video conferences

      · Providing some minor computer services for the faculty members and staff

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