Wednesday, June 19, 2024

General Workshop


Universal Machine Tools Workshop

Universal Machine Tools workshop has been established with the aim of practical education for Mechanical Engineering students. Various machining tools and industrial and educational equipment have been provided for the students to practically learn the theoretical subjects and gain skills to operate traditional and modern machining tools and methods.

By using the equipment in Universal Machine Tools Workshop, it has become possible to operate various research projects within the field of machine tools and traditional and modern machining. This workshop is responsible for recognizing and using the capabilities of various machine tools. This workshop is comprised of different parts, with each part contributing to educating and using a particular type of machine tool. Additionally, this workshop is capable of manufacturing different parts and pieces.


Machine Tools Workshop equipment inventory

      · One-meter lathing machine

      · Vertical milling machine

      · Horizontal milling machine

      · Hydraulic press

      · Pivot type bandsaw

      · Drilling machine

      · Welding machine

      · Roughness tester

      · Accessories of the machines and various types of measuring and cutting tools

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