Thursday, April 25, 2024

Soil Mechanics Lab


Soil Mechanics Laboratory

Soil mechanics is the science of studying mechanical properties of soil through observation and investigating its natural behavior, and also evaluating its reactions to loadings, as well as change in the nature of soil due to different constructional activities. That is why soil mechanics laboratory is a useful leverage for engineers in dealing with research and constructional projects.


Soil mechanics laboratory equipment inventory:


      · Oven

      · Moisture content tins and cans

      · Casagrande apparatus

      · Furrower

      · Spatula

      · Tray

      · Sieve sets

      · Shaker

      · Plastic hammer

      · Erlenmeyer Flask

      · Torch

      · Shovel

      · Quadrant

      · Plastic graduated cylinders

      · Hydrometer


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