Thursday, April 25, 2024

Civil Eng Transportation


MSc. Civil Engineering – Transportation

This program is an education-research complex, and includes several theoretical, practical, laboratory and research courses within the field of transportation engineering, increasing the knowledge of civil engineers, in order to provide possibilities to better understand and develop the modern technology and functionality of this discipline. Its main objective is to train people to obtain the capabilities required for designing and supervising professional transportation engineering projects. In addition, the graduates of this program will have the necessary research abilities to solve the related problems they would face within their profession. Railway, airport and transportation projects could be in the list of their expertise too.


The graduates will have enough knowledge and skills to be occupied in these types of jobs:

      · Cooperating with ministries and organizations, such as the Ministry of Roads and Urban development, the Plan and Budget Organization, and municipalities, that are in charge of governing and conducting development projects

      · Cooperating with consulting engineers in order to participate in the design and supervision of development and construction projects

      · Cooperating with organizations and institutions engaged in civil issues

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