Thursday, April 25, 2024

Students Affairs Vice chancellor


Students Affairs Vice-chancellor

M. Reza Moqoumi


Academic experience:


      · BSc. Mechanical Engineering

      · MSc. Mechanical Engineering

      · MA Political Science


Higher education has a continuous connection with the lifestyle and social activities of students. The Student Affairs Office has concentrated its efforts to provide proper facilities for the students’ social lives. The main responsibilities of this center include:


      · Supervising over the performance of all regulations related to the Student Affairs Office

      · Preparing lists of students and introducing them to private housings, and having these housings under supervision

      · Dealing with disciplinary cases and issuing verdicts according to regulations

      · Providing counseling for personal and family matters and etc.

      · Casualty Insurance for students

      · Introducing students to the prosperity fund of Ministry of Science

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