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Industrial Eng Systems Optimization


MSc. Industrial Engineering – Systems Optimization

Industrial Engineering applies principles and techniques to design and optimize systems containing humans, materials, data, energy and equipment in order to create possibilities to efficiently and desirably produce goods and offer services. To study, evaluate and apply these systems, social science, management, economical, mathematical, computer, and engineering design knowledge and skills are crucial. Industrial engineering is a bridge connecting the immense objectives of management and the operational function of an organization. It is the only engineering discipline considering ‘human’ as a key parameter in every system, while trying to improve efficiency in all aspects.

Systems optimization graduates have a wide variety of capabilities including modeling, computer simulations, designing industrial systems, designing experiments, multivariate statistical analyses, data mining, planning in different projects, studying challenges and offering the best solutions in organizations, and optimizing the usage of resources like materials, manpower and machineries. They are able to find the logical connections between the different components of productive and non-productive systems so as to optimize their efficiency and profit.

Date: 2019/05/05
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