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Disciplines Introduction


Disciplines Introduction

The institute, after eleven years of successful activities is now able to serve students in 10 academic groups including Architecture Engineering, Urban Development, Industrial and Management, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, Survey Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Social Science, in different degrees and disciplines.


Current available disciplines in the institute:


Master’s Degree:

Islamic Architecture Engineering

Architecture Engineering

Interior Architecture

Urban Planning

Urban Design

Materials Engineering – Welding

Mechanical Engineering – Energy Conversion

Industrial Eng. – Systems Optimization

Civil Engineering – Structure

Civil Engineering – Road and Transportation

Civil Engineering – Earthquake


Bachelor’s Degree:

Architecture Engineering

Applied Architecture

Industrial Design

Interior Architecture

Urban Development Engineering

Industrial Engineering – Systems Optimization

Industrial Engineering

Project Management Engineering

Metallurgy and Industrial Materials Engineering

Materials and Metallurgy Engineering

Mechanical Engineering – Energy Conversion

Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Technology Engineering – Welding

Manufacturing Technology Engineering - Machine tools

Manufacturing Technology Engineering – Molding

Petroleum Engineering - Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Petroleum Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Technology Engineering – Civil

Building Technology Engineering

Civil Executive Engineering

Civil Engineering – Surveying

Engineering of Survey Technology

Surveying and Mapping Engineering

Computer Engineering – Information Technology

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering – Hardware


Business Management



Associate’s Degree:

Drawing Architecture


Mechanical Engineering – Technical Assistant

Mechanical Engineering – Welding

Metal Industry – Welding

General Drawing and Industrial Design

Manufacturing- Machine tools

Civil – Building General Works

Civil – Concrete Buildings

Civil – Technical Assistant

Building – Building General Works

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