Thursday, April 25, 2024

Heat Treatment Lab


Heat Treatment Laboratory

This laboratory has various advanced equipment required to perform different heat treatments including the hardening of metals and alloys in different environments, tempering, austempering, cementation, annealing, normalization, and etc. Sampling, surface finishing and microscopic imaging, recognition of alloy structure, Brinell and Vickers indentation hardness, mechanical and heat treatments of metals, determination of microscopic and macroscopic structures and their study, coating of materials and stability, corrosion and oxidation resistance are some of the research capabilities of this laboratory. The existing set of equipment will provide the possibility to study fracture surfaces and its relation to mechanical behavior, structure and defects in metals.


Heat Treatment Laboratory equipment inventory:

      · Electric resistance furnace

      · Required instruments to cool down the samples

      · Cold mounting device

      · Sander

      · Polishing machine

      · Optical microscope

      · Metallography camera

      · Universal indentation hardness device

      · Tensile testing device

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