Thursday, April 25, 2024

Materials Eng Welding


MSc. Materials Engineering – Welding

The Welding master’s degree program has been planned to train experts in the field of joining various materials (either metallic or non-metallic) to be used by industries and research and education centers. Graduates of this discipline will gain abilities in the following fields:


      · Presenting methods of material joining design in production and manufacturing, based on international standards

      · Studying the causes for joint defects and damages, and presenting proper solutions to prevent them

      · Optimizing welding conditions in different industrial units and innovating in industries

      · Educational and research activities in research and higher education institutes, as well as various industries in the country, in relation to joining science and technology and their quality controls


Welding metallurgy and materials engineering, nowadays, plays a crucial role in the advancement of modern industries such as automotive, aerospace and military industries. As materials are the base constituents of all productions and material joining is of the essence to put them to use, and since one of the most useful material joining methods is welding, welding engineers are active in a wide spectrum of industries. A high percentage of these engineers are occupied in industries related to metals, transportation and industrial equipment. There are new job opportunities rising for metallurgy welding engineers, petroleum and its subsidiary companies, as they have recently realized that it’s metallurgy engineers who must work in technical inspections unit, not mechanical engineers, since all the topics in this part of the company are metallurgical subjects such as welding, NDT and etc.

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