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Support unit responsibilities


Support Unit responsibilities

      - Supervising the proper performance of all the sub-units

      - Issuing the crucial commands in order to coordinate the units

      - Organizing the related activities and determining assignments for sub-units

      - Suggesting effective plans to the superiors

      - Predicting and preparing the required equipment and materials

      - Cooperation in holding seminars, conferences and ceremonies

      - Preparing and compiling the needed plans and methods in order to enhance the quality of performance methods for sub-units

      - Supervising the appropriate use of the vehicles of the institute

      - Supervision, maintenance and repairing for the equipment

      - Providing uniforms for the staff

      - Participating in auctions and tenders

      - Supervising the purchases by the supplier

      - Reporting to the superior

      - Supervising the matters of services of the institute such as cleaning, security, installations, lighting, telephone, etc.

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