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2018/12/15 8th International Conference on SDUC at a glance
8th International Conference on SDUC at a glance

Daneshpajoohan Pishro Higher Education Institute (DHEI), with 7 successful conferences background, held 8th Conference was titled "Sustainable Development, Urban Construction and Regeneration" simultaneously with Second Specialized Bridge Engineering Conference on December 21-22, 2018.

This conference was held in cooperation with Qom Municipality, with attending Iranian and international professors, experts, and students at municipality congress center. The conference focused on sustainable development issues in architecture, urban development, civil engineering, environment, energy efficiency, crisis management and management, urban economics, culture and sociology, industry, technology and information technology and bridge engineering (traffic, architecture, Structures, Technology, Innovation, Management, Maintenance and … by holding specialized workshops and exhibitions.

At first day in addition of opening ceremony and paper presentations, 3 main panels were held: Smart Eco City, Eco- Building and Eco- Regeneration. “Religious Tourism” and “ Planning a city: Need of Social Services: are the names of second day panels. Keynote speakers were from Iran, Italy, Germany and Italy and they tried to express main and new viewpoints about the panel subjects.

This special event had a wide reflection in various news agencies, including ISNA, IRNA, Islamic Republic News Agency and... .

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