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Financial affairs duties


The responsibilities of Financial Affairs Unit of the institute:

      - Financial supervision and coordinating the performance of financing and accounting regulations

      - Supervising the financing and accounting affairs, and controlling and auditing the accounts

      - Preparing, administering, and preserving the financial documents

      - Preserving and supervising the properties

      - Preserving, delivering, and exchanging payments, securities and deposits

      - Granting petty cashes

      - Providing finance if confirmed

      - Paying the costs within the approved available credits

      - Paying advance and partial payments

      - Financing for imported services and goods

      - Paying the salaries and employee benefits of the staff

      - Preserving and controlling the revenue accounts

      - Administering the delivery of revenues

      - Auditing and documenting the accounts

      - Reporting to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

      - Conducting essential educational courses for the staff of financial affairs

      - Doing other assigned responsibilities according to the regulations of the institute

Date: 2018/08/20
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