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The Finance and Resource Management of the institute has an important role in leading and conducting the supportive system, financing, and budgeting in the institute. All in all, it can be said that this center paves the road for research and educational purposes by fulfilling its duties.

The Finance and Resource Management office of the institute is in charge of enhancing the quality, quantity and satisfaction in all aspects of the responsibilities of the institute. Studying and applying the best approaches, methods, systems and tools of management, creating infrastructures, and financing required for the optimum functionality of the institute, are the main activities of this office. This office provides human, financial, physical, and informational resources needed for the quantitative and qualitative development of services and management of the institute in all aspects. The activities of this office are all aligned in a direction leading to managerial achievements, operational researches, paradigms for organizational educations, developing organizational strategies, developing information and communications technology, developing human resources, and other required resources and infrastructures.

Date: 2018/08/20
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